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The Drum


Submitting work

How do you make an audio file of my work?

Once we've accepted your work for publication in The Drum, we will arrange with you either to meet in person and record your piece, or to have you make the recording yourself and send us the file. The Drum is based in Boston and may occasionally record audio in the offices of Grub Street Writers.

What if I don't want to read my own work aloud?

No problem. We can arrange to have a different reader create the recording with us. That reader will have no rights to your text, which is owned by you, or to the audio, which will be owned by The Drum.

Does The Drum pay contributors?

Yes, as of our September 2015 issue, The Drum pays a $50 honorarium to contributors.

I'd like to submit a story, poem, or essay. Should I send you a sound file?

Please submit your work using the handy submission management software provided by Submishmash. If we like the piece and choose to publish it in audio form, we will be in touch with you about how to make the recording. See our Submission Guidelines for more detailed information.

The only exception to this policy is our Dispatches feature. Submissions to Dispatches should be sent in audio form. For more details on this exciting feature, see our Submittable page.

Will I be able to create another recording of this piece for another website, podcast, or other form of distribution?

Absolutely. You'll retain all rights to your work except the rights to the particular recording of it that will appear in The Drum.

Will I be able to publish my piece in print form at a later date?

Yes. The Drum holds only the rights to the particular audio created for The Drum and holds no rights to the print form, though we may ask you for those rights (which you may decline to give) in the event that we decide to put together a special print collection at some later date.

How long will my piece be available to listen to?

Each story or essay will be available on the website for six months. After that, it will be available for purchase from the archives.

What if my piece has already appeared in print form elsewhere?

Your piece can still appear in The Drum in audio form, provided that any contract you might have with the previous publisher doesn't claim an exclusive right to any future audios.

Using The Website

Can I download the audios?

Yes, you can download audio files to an mp3 players or listen to them on the website.

Can I share the audios?

Yes, but if you choose to share the audio files, we ask that you limit your sharing to five other listeners (who in turn cannot share them further). While we want to spread the word about our new writing, The Drum can't operate without the support of paying listeners.


Can I comment on an audio?

Of course. We encourage listeners to participate in constructive discussions about specific works or, through our broader discussion forum, about more general aspects of reading and writing.

Can I upload my own audio?

No, but at some later date, we may create a forum for listeners to share their own recordings of public-domain work or of their own work.


How can I donate to The Drum?

Click on the donate button on the home page to use our Paypal system. Thank you!

What are other ways in which I can help The Drum?

Spread the word. Buy a t-shirt and wear it proudly. If there's a reading series in your area, contact us about making a connection. Contact us at about internships.


Do you pay the readers?

Unfortunately, though we would love to, we're not able to pay our readers at this point.

How can I read aloud for The Drum?

If you have experience with acting or voice-over work and would like to contribute your time, please do get in touch with us at

Do I retain the rights to the recording of someone else's work that I create for The Drum?

The Drum retains all rights to the particular recording you make for us. However, you do have the right to use the recording in promotion for your career, so long as you note that the recording was made for The Drum (the recording will have an intro that will specify that it is part of The Drum).