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GILMORE TAMNY Gretchen Was Abducted


In "Gretchen Was Abducted," a woman recalls with wry humor the night she was taken in error from a slumber party. Gilmore Tamny's short story offers a dispassionate exploration of haplessness and desperation, adventure and survival.

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BARRINGTON SMITH-SEETACHITT Sunday Afternoon With Buddha and Spider


A woman, a spider, and a small space. These are the elements of Barrington Smith-Seetachit's essay "Sunday Afternoon With Buddha and Spider." With comic flair, Smith-Seetachit leads us through a high-intensity meditation on fear, power, and mercy.

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BARRY JAY KAPLAN Marco Sells His Book


Barry Jay Kaplan takes on the world of publishing in his short story "Marco Sells His Book." A group of friends is shaken by news that an underserving member of their Thursday night salon has reached what they view as premature success. The launch party for Marco's novel is shot through with jealousy and social strategizing, but comes to an encouraging conclusion.

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In Nina Badzin's short story "David," a post-delivery hospital room is the setting for a skirmish between husband and wife as they debate their new son's name. The decision is rife with social, cultural, and religious implications, seeming to set husband and wife apart even as it brings mother and child together.

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MAMEVE MEDWED How Elizabeth Barrett Browning Saved My Life

download Café Pamplona in Harvard Square is the setting for a showdown between Abby and her ex-boyfriend Clive. In this excerpt from Mameve Medwed’s novel How Elizabeth Barrett Browning Saved My Life, Clive is intent on making amends for various wrongs in his life—and Abby must endure his copious amending.about the author

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