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Catherine Elcik’s fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in The Free Press, Carve, and Narrative, and she has worked as a reporter, a magazine editor, a creative writing instructor, and a tutor. Catherine holds an MA in creative writing from Boston University. She currently lives in Winthrop, MA with a husband who is in no way obsessed with The Godfather trilogy and a greyhound who thinks he’s a cat. She is revising her first novel.

Her flash fiction "Why We're Sleeping With The Fishes" appears in the July 2011 issue of The Drum.

Her flash fiction pieces "The Beginning" and "The End" frame The Drum's Books, Actually project for the 2012 Boston Book Festival, available on the Moveable Feast app.

Her essay "What The Doctor Taught Me" appears in the April 2016 issue.

Audio Stories by CATHERINE ELCIK

What The Doctor Taught Me

Why We're Swimming With The Fishes