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The Drum

Issue 5. October 2010

Drum Archives: Now Available Through Audible

While everything on The Drum is free to download or listen to on the site, our older material will eventually go into our archives, which you can find on Click here to see our materials on Audible--so far, our first six months' worth of audio. You can hear a brief sample of each piece on our site by clicking its play button.



Shubha Sunder's "Climb" layers relationships between cousins, between mothers and daughters, and between brothers and sisters with the tug between two cultures. In Sunder's story, a voyage with Trupti's relatives visiting from America turns out to reveal the stresses within the older girl's seemingly perfect life. (:31)

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BOSTON BOOK FESTIVAL The Web of Relationship Panel


Courtesy of the Boston Book Festival, a recording of the Web of Relationship panel with Ann Hood, Brunonia Barry, and Joanna Smith Rakoff, moderated by Henriette Lazaridis Power. The discussion took place in the Rabb Lecture Hall of the Boston Public Library on Saturday, October 16th.We hope you enjoy the discussion of secrets in novels, structure, the obligations that come with connection, and how to write novels in the post-cell-phone age. Audience members asking questions include one author's blast from the past, a twentysomething who's not on Facebook, and a ten-year-old writer looking for tips. (4:04)

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JENNIFER HAIGH Claire of the Moon


Award-winning novelist Jennifer Haigh's "Claire of the Moon" tells the story of a little girl who can't tolerate the sun and the adults who try to shield her or to let her bask in its reflection. (24:44)

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