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The Drum

Issue 55. July 2015

BETH WOODCOME PLATOW a poem and an interview


Beth Woodcome Platow reads her poem “When to Leap” and talks with Poetry Editor Kirun Kapur about Ginsburg’s "Howl", being direct and her obsession with design. In a gripping, unadorned voice, her poem explores the instincts of both body and heart. (17:26)

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RON MACLEAN How To Club A Fish


A young woman sees lessons in survival and violence handed down on a frozen Canadian lake. Ron MacLean's "How to Club A Fish" offers a vivid portrait of one family's dynamics in the world of a cramped cabin. (3:27)

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ESON KIM Spice Memory


Eson Kim ponders the language of spices and scents that passes between her and her mother as Kim tries to learn her mother's recipes. Kim evokes the power of the ingredients to summon memories and connection, and contemplates the poignant difficulty of mastering what her mother knows. (5:57)

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LENORE MYKA Lessons in Romanian


A young woman teaching English to her Romanian students is repaid with profound lessons of her own--in language and in the nuances of love, hope, and expectation. Interspersed with Romanian words and phrases, Lenore Myka's "Lessons in Romanian" slides its listener into a place between what is known and new, familiar and exotic. (17:32)

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