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The Drum

Issue 61. July 2016

CUMI IKEDA If I Could Try It On, For Size


Cumi Ikeda's essay explores identity and race through the lyrical rhythms of poetry. The essay asks us to contemplate how we see one another and how we see ourselves--how we exist through and beyond categories. (4:12)

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TESS TAYLOR Poems and an interview


Tess Taylor reads four poems and speaks with Poetry Editor Kirun Kapur about how her poems originate and about her new collection Work and Days. Tendinitis, farm work, Hesiod, and hearing music in a phrase--all these and more topics come up in conversation. (20:38)

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JAMES ENGLISH The Rose Tradition


In this subtle and tense story, James English sets us down among the complicated relationships within a family and a neighborhood and lets us watch a betrayal unfold. It's a variation of the tale of a stranger coming to town--only the stranger is already there, and the town is someone's family. (15:14)

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MARK VANHOENACKER Skyfaring (excerpts)


Mark Vanhoenacker reads excerpts from his recent book SKYFARING. In a seamless fusion of history, politics, geography, meteorology, family, and physics, the book asks us to reimagine what we--as pilots and as passengers--are actually doing when we enter the world between departure and discovery. (22:16)

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