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The Drum

Issue 48. May 2014



Maria Mutch offers a new take on the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood, setting this old story of violence, innocence, and sexuality in a strangely natural urban world. In "Appetites", Grandmother lives in an institution, and the wolves wear turtlenecks, and Red takes matters into her own hands. (12:37)

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MATT BELL The Games They Played


These are not the fairy tales our mothers told us. The four episodes of Matt Bell's "The Games They Played" focus on Younger and Older, siblings whose rivalries offer an education in hidden and not-so-hidden violence. Bell experiments with the cadence and the content of fairy tales, making them at once new and ancient. (4:35)

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MASSACHUSETTS POETRY FESTIVAL Poems Read by Gov. Patrick and Former Police Comm. Ed Davis

It's not every day you hear a former Police Commissioner reciting a poem by heart--or hear a Governor intoning someone else's persuasive rhetoric. But at a foundraiser in March for last weekend's Massachusetts Poetry Festival, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick performed a powerful recitation of Emma Lazarus'  "The New Colossus" and former Police Commissioner Ed Davis recited Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's "The Wreck of the Hesperus" almost entirely by heart.

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