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The Drum


Voices Raised

Have you been part of the historic Black Lives Matter protests these past weeks? Record your experience in an audio up to two minutes long and send it to The Drum. What's moved you? Filled you with anger or hope? Changed you? How are you taking action? We will share a collection of recordings that reflect on and amplify the voices raised for justice at this unprecedented time. We are especially interested in contributions from Black, Indigenous, and other writers of color.

Safe and Sound: Mini-Casts for New Books

Friends with new books: Here at The Drum, we're hoping to help folks facing canceled launches, tours, and events by hosting a series of mini-casts we're calling Safe & Sound. We'll feature you on our Facebook page reading one sentence about your book, one poem or paragraph from the book, and one recommendation for someone else's book/poem/movie/piece of music that you turn to in times like these. DM us on FB for details!

Stories from Our Print Journal Partners

The Drum partners with Harvard Review, Ploughshares, AGNI, and Post Road to bring you audio versions of the selected stories from these journals' print editions. Check here regularly for audio recordings performed by local actors. Grab a copy of their newest issues so you can read along while you listen.

Special Projects

From time to time, The Drum publishes special audio literary projects beyond our weekly short fiction and essays. MuseFlash with Grub Street's Muse and the Marketplace conference, Zip-Code Stories with WBUR, Stories on the Street, and recorded live events with the Boston Book Festival and Grub Street are just some of the additional programs you’ll find here.

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